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Sea bass Fishing Techniques and Tips

We recommend loading the reel with 20lb fused line as opposed to braided line or mono. Fused and braided lines allow for much greater casting distance than mono. This is because is the much smaller line diameter of fused and braided lines. In addition, the fused and braided lines have virtually no stretch which allows the angler to carefully work even the most difficult lures, feel the softest hits, and easily set the hook. Fused line is preferred to braided line because it has better abrasion resistance and is less likely to form a wind knot.

Sea Bass Rigs

Diamond jigs or small buck tails tipped squid strips or artificial scented soft baits can be very effective when the fish are large and aggressive.  However, most angler prefer a two-hook bait rig.  The bait rig consists of 3ft of 30lb fluorocarbon leader attached to the main line with a 75lb barrel swivel .  The leader includes a perfection loop at the end for either a small bank sinker or a hammered diamond jig.  Two dropper loops should be tied in the leader 6 inches from either end. The rig is completed with a 4/0 offset beak bait hook on each dropper loop.  he hooks can either be tipped with squid or clam strips, or tipped with an artificial scented soft bait.  Shrimp soft baits are typically the most effective, but the mullet and grub patterns also work well.

copied in part from http://neangling.com


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