Here at The Captain Lou Fleet we offer a variety of different fishing experiences.
Below you will find just some of what we offer!

Happening Now:

Codfish, Tilefish, and Blackfish trips are running on select dates. Please check our calendar by clicking HERE for dates, times, and pricing.



Summer Flounder or Fluke as they are commonly referred to are flatfish that inhabit our local bays and ocean waters. They can reach up to 26lbs but the average weight is between 1-3lbs. We target fluke from Spring to early Fall. Fluke fishing is a great activity for beginner to expert anglers.

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Black Sea Bass / Porgy

Black Sea Bass and Porgy (also known as Scup) are frequently targeted together as they both prefer to inhabit Reefs, Wrecks, and Rocky Bottoms. Trips targeting these species are often referred to as Bottom Fishing or Wreck Fishing and almost exclusively take place out in the ocean. Trips for these fish also make a great activity for beginners as they can be easily caught and usually make for a very active fishing experience.

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Blackfish (also know as Tautog) prefer to inhabit Reefs, Wrecks, and Rocky Bottoms where they like to hide deep within. Blackfish are typically targetted in the Fall. Blackfish can be a tricky fish to catch as they are easily spooked and when this happens they retreat into hiding however this also makes them a very enjoyable and rewarding experience to catch them, they are also a very strong fish for their size.

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Striped Bass

Striped Bass are typically targeted by us in the Fall as the weather gets cooler. Striped Bass that we see range in size from 20-40lbs but its not uncommon to catch them even larger. Due to their size they are an extremely exciting fish to target and when they are around they can be very abundant!

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Special offshore trips on the Captain Lou VII

Special Offshore Trips

We offer various Special Offshore Trips, targeted species will vary by trip. A few of the more commonly targetted species are Tilefish, Atlantic Cod, Jumbo Black Seabass, Giant Porgy, Pollack, Red Hake, & Haddock. These trips are usually longer in length then our average trips and sometimes even overnight.

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The Captain Lou Fleet abides by all New York State Saltwater Fishing Regulations. For more information please check out the New York State DEC Saltwater Fishing Regulations page.

When fishing aboard any of our vessels you are not required to obtain any fishing license or enroll in the Recreational Marine Fishing Registry.